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West Point Museum : American Wars

Second Floor 

 "American Wars" GalleryCadet in gallery 2.jpg

Our national freedom has been guaranteed by the sacrifices of our fighting men.  Here the visitor can see the armor of colonial militiamen and the muddy jungle fatigues of the Vietnam "grunt".  The British drum surrendered at Saratoga, George Washington's pistols, field glasses used by General G.K. Warren at Gettysburg and the last message sent by George A. Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn are displayed.  Also in this gallery is the Medal of Honor Wall, which commemorates those USMA graduates who have received our Nation's highest award.

Washington Pistols 2.jpg
George Washington's Pistols

Flag Gallery 2.jpg
National and Regimental Colors of

the 9th US Infantry War of 1812

GKWarren glasses 2.jpg

​General G.K. Warren's Field Glasses

Used on Little Round Top, Gettysburg

LeMat 2.jpg
Confederate LeMat Revolver
Custers last message 2.jpg
Custer's Last Message
Japanese Private 2.jpg
Japanese Private's Tunic
Soviet Mine 2.jpg
Soviet Landmine used in Korean War
Nurses 2.jpg
Vietnam Women's Memorial