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West Point Museum : Constitution Island

Museum outside the Museum 

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Constitution Island is located on the east side of the Hudson River directly opposite West Point and is connected to the east shore by a large marsh area. It is the only part of the U.S. Military Academy Reservation on the east side of the Hudson River. Constitution Island is the site of the earliest Revolutionary War fortifications in the Hudson Valley. Taken briefly by the British in 1777, the island was re-occupied by American forces in 1778, and made an integral part of Fortress West Point. ​

In 1908 Mrs. Russell Sage and Miss Anna Warner presented Constitution Island to the United States government as a joint gift according to the following stipulations:

“Lawrence, L.I., September 4, 1908,

The President:

Sir: I take pleasure in tendering as a gift to the United States from myself and Miss Anna Bartlett Warner, Constitution Island, opposite of West Point…to be an addition to the Military Academy…under the following conditions: First: That ‘the Island be for the use forever of the United States Military Academy at West Point…that no part of it shall ever be used as a public picnic, excursion, or amusement ground, operated by private enterprise, individual or corporate, for profit…’”

The president sent the following letter to Mrs. Sage. “My dear Mrs. Sage: I have received your letter of September 4th. I wish to thank you for your very generous gift to the Nation, and I have written Miss Warner thanking her….Permit me now, on behalf of the Nation, to thank you most heartily again for a really patriotic act. With regard, Yours sincerely, Theodore Roosevelt.”

The Island is open April through October.  Guided tours are available and depart from West Point's South Dock.

For information call the Constitution Island information number 845-938-1011

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