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West Point Museum : History of Warfare

First Floor 

"History of Warfare" GalleryAvaricum.jpg

The history of the military art is part of each cadet's required curriculum.  This gallery is closely coordinated with the academic courses on military history and traces warfare from the ancient world to the present.  The gallery highlights the technological changes in warfare and the strategic and tactical changes brought on by those new technologies. Displays include dioramas of significant battles in history, as well as Napoleon's sword and pistols, the safety plug removed from the Nagasaki atomic bomb, and trophies of war surrendered by a defeated Nazi Germany. 


Napoleon's Pistols
Diorama of the Battle of Austerlitz​

B29 and Safe Fuze.jpg

Model of Bock's Car the B-29 that dropped the "Fat Man" Atom bomb  

Safety plug.jpg
Close up of the Safety Plug. 

The green plug was taken out in flight and replaced with a red "Armed" plug.​

WWII Trophies.jpg
World War II War Trophies surrendered by Germany



Gas Mask.jpg
Chemical Warfare Gear 
Bronze weapons.jpg
Bronze Age Weapons

French WWI Helmet.jpg
The realities of Trench Warfare, French World War I helmet​