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West Point Museum : History of the US Army

Second Floor
"History of U.S. Army" Gallery
Goethals Webimage.jpg

This gallery is dedicated to the history of the U.S. Army and its contributions to the growth of the Nation. Here are exhibits on the opening of the Frontier, the Buffalo Soldiers, the construction of the Panama Canal, the secret "Manhattan Project" that built the atom bomb, U.S. Army aviation from balloons to space exploration, and the Gulf War of 1991 (Desert Storm).
Thumbnail CW Surgeon Kit.jpg
 A Civil War surgeon kit
Goethals Medals 3.jpg
 Medals awarded to George W.
Goethals (USMA 1880) for
completing the Panama Canal
Blast Effect Can 3.jpg
 A can crushed by the shock
wave of an atomic test
White and Collins Thumbnail.jpg
 Portrait of Ed White (USMA 1952)
and Michael Collins (USMA 1952)
Telescope 2.jpg
 A 19th century Altazimuth

Erie Canal 2.jpg
Cadet drawing of the Locks

on the Erie Canal

Corpsman helmet 2.jpg
World War II Medic helmet

Borman Flight Jacket 2.jpg
Frank Borman's (USMA 1950)

Flight suit jacket