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Public Affairs : Class of 2018 PPW

Class of 2018 takes charge of Plebe-Parent Weekend, March 13-15 

By Class of 2018 Cadet Christian Bledsoe
Contributing Writer
WEST POINT, N.Y. (March 10, 2015) — Ring Weekend, 500th Night, Yearling Winter Weekend and 100th Night have all come and gone. Plebe-Parent Weekend is here and now is the time for the Class of 2018 to celebrate.

Each year, plebes are given the opportunity to invite guests to a weekend where we showcase what we have been doing for the past nine months. Plebes will have the chance to guide family and friends through their barracks, classrooms and to the different military and physical demonstrations on Friday and Saturday. Plebes will also demonstrate their etiquette and professionalism during the parade and a banquet, during which Lt. Gen. Joseph Anderson will be introduced as our honored guest speaker for the night.

Plebes will not only escort family and friends around post this weekend, but they are also in charge of regulating and maintaining standards and discipline through a plebe chain of command. Many hold this opportunity as perhaps the most important aspect of Plebe-Parent Weekend; a time to hone our professional discipline and practice peer leadership.

Class of 2018 Cadet Christopher Bingham, class president, often serves as the face of our class, yet this weekend different fourth class cadets were chosen after a rigorous board process to hold leadership positions from the company to regimental levels. Cadets Madison Ruppel and Johnathan Cheatham will lead the class as the regimental commander and regimental sergeant major, respectively. Ruppel is excited to show everyone that the Class of 2018 can live up to the high expectations placed on them.

“2018 is a class with amazing spirit and Plebe-Parent Weekend will give us the opportunity to showcase that,” Ruppel said. “I am excited to see 2018 lead, do what is right and represent our academy and the United States Army with pride.”   
Members of the Class of 2018 serving as the regimental staff for Plebe-Parent Weekend are busy making preparations as they welcome family and friends to West Point this weekend. Photo By Class of 2015 Cadet Meghan Wentz/USCC PAO

Ruppel echoes the sentiments of many who believe this to be a special class, and this is our first chance to demonstrate to academy leadership, upper classes, parents and guests that we belong here and will undoubtedly achieve greatness.

“To the class, this weekend will be a great one—an opportunity to show all critics that the Class of 2018 can handle business and perform beyond expectations,” Cheatham said. “To the parents, having spent these past few months with your sons and daughters I can honestly say that they are among some of the best future leaders I have observed in my experiences.”

Plebe-Parent Weekend is a fantastic opportunity for plebes to reconnect with loved ones, and to show those outside what West Point is all about. And to the Class of 2018, we are nine months into our 47 month experience … let’s make the most of every day and continue to pursue excellence. With Strength We Lead.

Visit the West Point Parents page for details about the Plebe-Parent Weekend at