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Nordic Ski : About

The West Point Nordic Ski Team is a collection of cadets interested in the sport of Nordic Skiing. The club competes in a variety of meets throughout the Northeast in the Eastern Collegiate Ski Conference (ECSC) of the United States Collegiate Ski & Snowboard Association (USCSA) in from January through March, but typically trains year round.

The team consists of both men and women who learn, train, and compete in both Nordic techniques – classic & skate. A typical roster consists of 7-8 men and 7-8 women for a total of 15 cadets, which allows the top 3-5 men and women to “score” at Nordic meets.

While many cadets have previous experience in Nordic skiing, it is not a prerequisite to join the team. Having a strong background in endurance sports helps, but the team willingly accepts cadets that display the team’s core tenants: C.R.E.S.T.
  • Character – developing and maintaining the highest moral/ethical standards; doing the right thing

  • Resilience – the ability to face adversity and, yet, continue to excel

  • Excellence – not just in skiing, but in all pillars of cadet life

  • Stamina – the willingness and ability to go the distance; not quitting

  • Team – sacrifice; learning to put others before yourself

As a cadet club, the team is led and managed by the cadet leadership. The Officer-in-Charge (OIC) provides guidance and mentorship to the cadet leadership to ensure that the team is running smoothly, in addition to taking care of administrative details on behalf of the team. Below is a typical break down of duties within the team:
CIC/CPT: Executive of the club; overall responsible for what the team does or fails to do.

XO: Serves as the senior cadet leader in the absence of the team Captain. Also is primary coordinator for fundraising activities and manager of the staff.

S1: Tracks attendance for practices and meets as well as medical profiles and injuries.

S2: Route planning, weather reports, wax expert, physical security, safety briefs.

S3: Creates OPORDS/timelines for all travel and training events and manages the teams workout schedule.

S4: Ensures accountability of team equipment.

Transportation: Coordinates transportation for all team events.

PAO/Historian: Drafts race summaries and writes up public release statements for publication. Is responsible for Howitzer inputs. Tracks teams lineage.

Food Services/Rations: Coordinates with the USMA Treasurer’s office for rations requests.
As any good organization should have, the team has set for the following goals:
#1BEAT Clarkson

#2 – Win Regionals (Team)

#3 – Win Regionals (Individual)

#4BEAT Air Force at Nationals

#5 – Top 3 Finish at Nationals (Team – Overall)

#6 – Top 3 Finish at Nationals (Individual – Overall)
If you like to be challenged physically and mentally, Nordic skiing is for you. You won’t find a better (and fitter) group of cadets in the Corps!

Go West Point Nordic Skiing!