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ORCA: Organization, Relationship, and Contact Analyzer 

Organization, Contact, and Relationship Analyzer (ORCA) is a piece of software designed to aide intelligence analysis for law enforcement operations against violent street gangs using new algorithmic techniques in social network analysis. Specifically, it can determine "degree of membership" for individuals who do not admit to membership in a street gang, quickly identify sets of influential individuals, and identify criminal ecosystems by decomposing gangs into sub-groups.  Currently, we are working with the Chicago Police Department to explore the use of the system for real-world policing.  This project is funded by the Army Research Office (2GDATXR042).
For more information about ORCA, please contact MAJ Paulo Shakarian at 

Recent Press:

ORCA Publications
Hannigan, J., Hernandez, G., Medina, R.M., Roos, P., Shakarian, P. (2013) Mining for Spatially-Near Communities in Geo-Located Social Networks. AAAI Fall Symposium. accepted 2013.
Shakarian, P., Simari, G.I., Schroeder, R. (2013)MANCaLog: ALogic for Multi-Attribute Network Cascades. Presented at 12th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS-13). Saint Paul, MN 6-10 May 2013.

West Point Faculty:
  • MAJ Paulo Shakarian, Ph.D. (PI)
  • MAJ Michael Martin, Ph.D.
  • Cadets:
  • External Faculty Collaborators:
  • Prof. Richard Medina, George Mason University
  • Dr. Patrick Roos, University of Maryland
  • Dr. Gerardo Simari, Oxford University

    A special thanks to our funders, Army Research Office (2GDATXR042) and our partners, the Chicago Police Department.