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Previous Projects:
Building civil-military collaboration with a focus on better information saring in order to improve stability and reconstruction efforts. 
Principal Investigators: BG Eric Peck and Lynndee Kemmet
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Assessing Structural Patterns Among Warlord Groups 
Support the construction and analysis of a longitudinal, multi-modal, and multi-dimensional agent-based model of two warlord groups. Given the dearth of existing rigorous inquiries, the analysis will limit its initial scope and will exclusively consider two inter-related conflicts, each of which contained several distinct warlord groups: the Liberian civil war (1991-1997) and the Sierra Leonean civil war (1991-2002).
Principal Investigators: Charles Thomas. Ph.D. and Luke Gerdes, Ph.D.

Our algorithmic network science group explores network models in computer science, biology, physics, and mathematics with the intention of creating novel algorithms for the purpose of knowledge creation. On the application level, we are looking to apply this work to various problems in counter- insurgency, intelligence analysis, cyber-security, social networking, and biology.
Principal Investigator: MAJ Paulo Shakarian, Ph.D.

Our efforts in the Biological Networks section of the Network Science Center at West Point include the generation of large biological data sets and applying novel and existing Social Network Analysis algorithms in an effort to characterize the network of interactions between the genes and metabolites studied experimentally. We are designing a Bioinformatics elective course to be taught to West Point cadets from various majors who share a desire to generate predictive models of various biological systems based on these data.
Principal Investigator: J. Kenneth Wickiser, Ph.D.

Understanding Complex Network Systems and Organizations
Principal Investigator: Chris Arney, Ph.D.

Network Determinates of Military Leadership Among Future Army Officers
Principal Investigator: Kate Coronges, MPH, Ph.D.

US Military Cadet Communications and Leadership Network Dynamics (CadNet)
Principal Investigator: Kate Coronges, MPH, Ph.D. 

Dynamics of Sharing Information
Creating science and technology for dynamically sharing data affecting military operations at the level of least complexity of the interacting social, cognitive, communication, and information networks.
Principal Investigator: John James, Ph.D.

Entrepreneur Networks
Using the environment in which entrepreneurs operate to develop network topologies in frontier markets.
Principal Investigator: Daniel Evans
Exposing the "Hidden Hand" in Historical Social Networks to Model Change
Principal Investigator: Charles Thomas, Ph.D. 

Use network analysis to model how Iranian entities involved in nuclear weapons production are adapting to and learning from the application of international sanctions
Preparing the next generation of network scientists and officers capable of operating effectively in a complex, network-centric environment as well as addressing the urgent needs to improve STEM education.
Principal Investigator: Lori Sheetz

Organization, Relationship, and Contact Analyzer (ORCA)
The Organization, Relationship, and Contact Analyzer (ORCA) is designed to aide intelligence analysis for law enforcement operations against violent street gangs. ORCA is designed to address several police analytical needs concerning street gangs using new techniques in social network analysis.
Principal Investigator: MAJ Paulo Shakarian
Predictive Modeling for Medical and Casualty Estimation in Non-Major Combat Operations
Medical and Casualty Prediction in Counter-Insurgency Operations
Principal Investigator: CPT Nathan Bastian  
SCARE is the Spatio-Cultural Abductive Reasoning Engine is a piece of software that leverages a theory known as "geospatial abduction" to locate weapons caches in a counter-insurgency environment.
Principal Investigators: MAJ Paulo Shakarian and
This project is designed to locate and trace the networks of capital that continue to fund Somali piracy. 
Principal Investigator:  Charles Thomas, Ph.D.  

This project seeks to develop a tactical mobile cloud implemented on a swarm of heterogeneous, semi-autonomous robots to allow light infantry soldiers to access cyber resources away from the FOB.
Principal Investigator: COL Kevin Huggins, Ph.D.  
Tool Kit for Decision-Makers
Develop a "tool kit" or dashboard that will uses analytics to supply decision-makers with information to develop strategies and make effective decisions 
Principal Investigator: Daniel Evans  

Previous Projects:

The Pertubation of Genetic and Metabolomic Circuits in Response to and Environmental Contaminant
Principal Investigator: J. Kenneth Wickiser, Ph.D.  

Principal Investigator: Frank Mabry, Ph.D.  

Network Analysis of Capital Markets in Developing Nations
Principal Investigator: Daniel Evans  

Social Network Analysis of USMA Cadets and Officers
Principal Investigator: Kate Coronges, MPH, Ph.D.  

Statistical Changes: Actor Oriented Models to Detect Significant Behavioral and Social Changes Over Time
Principal Investigator: Kate Coronges, MPH, Ph.D.  

Principal Investigator: Jean Blair, Ph.D.  

Cadet Research