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Parachute Team : US Collegiate Nationals 2012

US Collegiate Nationals 2012
Cadets Bring Home a Total of 12 Medals
The Parachute Team trains year round towards the goal of perfecting their precision accuracy and flying abilities for competition. Over Christmas Leave the team put these abilities to the test, competing in the United States Parachute Association (USPA) National Collegiate Parachuting Championships held at Skydive Arizona. Competing against fellow skydivers from schools all across the nation, including the Air Force and Naval Academies, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, and the University of Connecticut among others, the cadets brought home a total of 12 medals and set a number of USPA National and Arizona State Records. Throughout the competition the cadets competed in Classic Accuracy, Sport Accuracy, 4-Way and 6-Way Speed Formation Skydiving, and 2-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving.

Cadet Kurt Yeager ’13 took gold in the Intermediate division of classic accuracy, setting the USPA National and Arizona State record for overall performance in classic accuracy on a 2cm Pad with a cumulative score of .17 m over four rounds, while Cadet Ben Garlick ’13 took home the bronze with a cumulative score of .42 m. Cadet Andrew Lopez ’13 set the USPA National Record for most consecutive zeroes with one zero followed by a score of .05 m. In Team Classic Accuracy, which totals four jumpers’ scores in order to produce a cumulative team score, Cadets Chester Haner ’12, Max Love ‘12, Benjamin Dratch ‘12, and Kurt Yeager ’13 brought home the silver medal with a cumulative score of 1.01 m. Cadet Brett Jack ’12 was awarded the Gold Medal in the Masters category with a cumulative score of 6.01 m and Cadet Mark Atangan ’12 earned the Bronze Medal in the Novice category for Sports canopies. The Firstie 4-Way team, composed of Cadets Chris Liggett ‘12, Dan Sullivan ‘12, Nick Luis ‘12, and Brett Jack ’12, took home the silver medal in the Open Category with an average of 20 points per round over six rounds, including a 33 point performance on one dive, which was just shy of the collegiate record.

Following the competition, jumpers from each school joined forces to set the 32 Way Collegiate Sequential Big Way National Record. The jump required two aircraft to haul the many jumpers to 15,000 ft above the ground, where they exited and built a sequence of three separate points containing all 32 jumpers. The West Point Parachute Team contribution included Cadets Christian Beckler ‘13, Nick Luis ‘12, Dan Sullivan ‘12, Chris Liggett ‘12, Bret Jack ‘12, Brian Reasonover ‘13, and Erin McShane ’13, and all 32 jumpers were coached and organized by West Point’s Coach Tom Falzone. The Parachute Team is already looking forward to a new year of training and demonstrations, and have their sights firmly fixed on bringing home even more medals in next year’s competition.