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Prospective Faculty
Military Faculty Positions
The Department recruits outstanding junior officers annually to attend graduate school in anticipation of joining our faculty.  Contact Mrs. Kim Lee at, or (845) 938-3106 to begin the process.  Officers should be between their 6th and 9th year of service at the start of graduate schooling and be prepared to earn a master's degree in Physics, Nuclear Engineering, or a closely related discipline.  General qualifications include successful and outstanding service through key developmental assignments as a captain, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and qualifying GRE scores.  Undergraduate degrees outside our disciplines are not disqualifying, but a technical background is preferred.  We manage applicants through the Academy's Web Enabled Selection and Tracking System (WEST) and generally make our selections for graduate schooling about 18 months in advance of matriculation. If you are interested in this opportunity please complete the USMA Interest Form by clicking the link below to start a file.
Civilian Faculty Positions
From time to time, the department has openings for civilian professors.  These may be either for renewable appointments or for three year non-renewable appointments at the assistant professor level.  In the former case, faculty members are expected to progress through academic promotion to the associate and full professor level.  Non-renewable appointments areprimarily used to bring innovation and fresh ideas to our core academic programs.  These vacancies are generally advertised in Physics Today and at the annual meetings of the American Association of Physics Teachers, as well as on USAJOBS.  Contact Mrs. Lee using the contact information above