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Scoutmasters' Council : Camporee FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a minimum number of scouts required?
No, this year we will offer campsites of various sizes to accommodate different sized troops. If there are multiple small troops, they may be grouped together in the same campsite.
What awards are there besides those earned for the various camporee events?
Troops can earn the Bull Hill pin or the Lightfighter tab. To earn the Bull Hill pin scouts must complete the hike over Bull Hill, but do not need to bring all of their gear with them. In order to earn the lightfighter tab, a troop must hike in all of their equipment to Lake Frederick. Lightfighter troops will not be allowed to bring any vehicles to Lake Frederick and must leave them at Camp Buckner or Camp Natural Bridge.
Do we have to bring any equipment for the competitions ( ie a compass or a first aid kit)?
No, you do not.
Are the scouts expected to hike with all their gear over Bull Hill?
No, they are not expected to, but the challenge is definitely encouraged.
Is the hike supervised?
Yes, we have cadets located at check points along the entire trail. However, an adult leader should travel with the scouts.
What activities are there for the Scouts at the Camporee?
The following is a tentative list of activities for the Camporee:
Knot Tying
Leadership Reaction Course
RB-15 (Zodiac) Paddle
Fire Building
Fitness Challenge
Swiss Seat / One-Rope Bridge
Commander's Challenge
Weapons and Communications Equipment Static Display
Land Navigation
Wilderness Survival
Assess and Treat Casualties (First Aid)

For more information about the Camporee sites, click here.
Are there other camping opportunities around West Point besides the Camporee?
You bet. There are two options for you if you would like to camp around West Point. We have two recreation areas available at West Point, one at Lake Frederick, and one at Round Pond. However, you must have a military ID in order to reserve and use the facilities. (Anyone in your group who has an active, reserve, or retired ID will do.)

For more information call:

Round Pond: (845) 938-2503 or (845) 938-3860

Lake Frederick: (in season) (845) 938-2132 (out of season - call Round Pond)

There are also numerous camping grounds and recreation areas in the local vicinity of West Point that would make excellent camping trips. Check the internet search databases or a NY phone book for more information. (Sorry, we can't list them because that would appear to provide government endorsement to some places over others. . .)
What is the procedure for a troop arriving after 6:00 p.m. since no one will be allowed on the trail after that time? How do they get to their campsite?
The troop must still in process at Natural Bridge. You can then drop off your people and equipment at Frederick. The troop is still responsible for parking all but one of your vehicles at Frederick.
The information packet describes the Bull Hill Hike as "particularly challenging for younger scouts." How should I take that as SM? Should I let my 11 and 12 year olds try it? What kind of support system is there if a boy cannot finish it and he's halfway through it?
Encourage your younger Scouts to participate! Unless they are physically injured upon arrival to the Camporee, they should do the hike. There is no time limit, but we require Scout troops to stay together during the hike for accountability purposes. There is approx. 1/2 mile of rocky uphill terrain and 1/4 mile of rocky downhill terrain. Any motivated Scout who wants to finish it, will finish it. Our trail staff will have vehicles operating along the trail. If a Scout becomes injured our physically unable to continue, we can transport that Scout (with an Adult leader) to their Camp Site at Lake Frederick or seek medical attention if needed.