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Scoutmasters' Council : Camporee Information

Camporee Information
LEGACY Camporee Information Follows
  1. The purpose of this is to discuss and answer a few of the things that have presented problems in previous years’ applications processes.
  2. The main issue this year is the definition of a cadet sponsor. A cadet sponsor has to be a former member of your troop who is now attending the Military Academy and who is willing to host you the weekend of the camporee. A cadet sponsor can also be a family member (e.g. brother, sister, son, daughter) of someone currently in your troop or a cadet who might have sponsored you from a prior year. The most important aspect of cadet sponsors is that they must be willing and able to attend and participate in the camporee.
  3. The only persons qualified to give detailed information about the invitations are the S1(Troops) and Officer in Charge of the camporee. If anyone else is giving you information or guaranteeing you a slot, then the information can be false. Please be cautious and direct all questions to the S1(Troops) or OIC for questions concerning this matter.
  4. To dispel a myth that it takes years to get through the waiting list: We do not have a waiting list where we accept the top people from every year and all others get added to the bottom. We choose troops based on the information that is given in the current year’s applications. If you do not apply for the current year camporee, there is no chance of getting accepted to it.
  5. We do not automatically send out applications every year. A few troops have written in the past after the December application deadline saying that they were expecting an application to come to them. You have to reapply each year for selection to the camporee. The application process is currently available online, we no longer accept hard copy submissions.
Thanks to everyone for their cooperation. The club enjoys getting a chance to know some of you and looks forward to speaking with you again next year. An additional thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding that the USMA Scoutmasters' Council works an 18-20 hour day (sometimes longer during the Camporee). We enjoy what we do though! Cookies are always encouraged during registration.
Criteria for Selection for SMC Camporee

Selection of Troops is made by use of an algorithm that accounts for various categories that are requested on the camporee application. The Scoutmasters' Council strives to keep variety in the camporee by inviting different types of troops (Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Venture, etc.) and by picking troops from across the country. Cadet sponsors also weigh heavily in the selection of troops.