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Cemetery Tour 2016
During the 11th Annual "Inspiration to Serve Cemetery Tour," the Class of 2018 had the unique opportunity to hear the stories of some remarkable West Point graduates who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of their country. 
The Class of 1968, the 50-year affiliate class to the Class of 2018, presented the stories of eight of their fallen classmates, most killed in action in Vietnam and most within a year of each other. The other eight gravesites were of men and women killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Through the emotional, candid, and powerful testimony of their classmates, families, and friends, the Class of 2018 experienced the tremendous gravity of their own commitment to serve. 
In less than 3 months, on 14 August, 2016, the Class of 2018 will participate in the Affirmation Ceremony, where they will formally commit to the Profession of Arms.
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