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PME2 - Professional Military Ethic Education

The Simon Center thanks the Class of 1966 for their genrous gift of Rick Atkinson's The Long Grey Line to every member of the Class of 2016. 
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PME2 Mission
The mission of PME2 is to administer and organize a comprehensive curriculum that will augment existing USCC and USMA programs that develop commissioned leaders of character throughout their 47 month West Point experience.
PME2 Objectives
  • Understand the meaning of the oath of office, the commission, Section 3583 of Title 10, and the specific responsibilities they impose on the commissioned officer.
  • Exemplify the Warrior Ethos, each of the seven Army Values, and the West Point motto of Duty, Honor, Country.
  • Meet the expectations of the Army and society for exemplary conduct in all aspects of their public and private lives.
  • Discern what duty requires by the application of sound moral reasoning informed by personal morality and professional ethics; and, who possess the moral courage to act on that discerned duty, without exception.
  • Accept moral responsibility for maintaining the competency of their Soldiers and units.
  • 4th Class Objectives
  • Know the tenets of the Cadet Honor Code and the spirit of the Code.
  • Explain the foundations of the concept of Officership.
  • Exhibit respectful conduct as a cadet and understand the importance of enforcing the prevention of sexual harassment and equal opportunity violations.
  • 3rd Class Objectives
  • Know and adhere to the tenets of the Cadet Honor Code and the spirit of the Code.
  • Understand the principles of Officership and develop a self-development plan.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal effectiveness and problem solving skills when faced with behavior that appears to violate principles of respect for persons.
  • Identify sources of personal challenges in assuming leadership roles.
  • 2nd Class Objectives
  • Know, adhere, believe in the Cadet Honor Code and System and live by the spirit of the Code. Apply the concept of Officership at the small unit leader level.
  • Display empathetic leadership and respect for all people, their customs and property.
  • 1st Class Objectives
  • Live honorably and exhibit trustworthiness to do what they say they will do.
  • Understand and demonstrate loyalty to the Constitution, the Army, the unit, superiors, subordinates, comrades, and self.
  • Promote ethical conduct and development in subordinates.
  • Able to construct an ethical solution and take right actions in the midst of morally ambiguous situations.
  • Epitomize humility, self-awareness, respect for others and selfless service.