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Cadet Staff SCUSA2017 
Command Team
Chambers whites AFB_8748.jpg
Name: Taylor Chambers
SCUSA Position: Commander
Class: 2018     
Major: Chemical Engineering with a Grand Strategies Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite part about SCUSA is the lessons, friends, and purpose behind being involved. SCUSA has taught me more about being a part of a staff and a team than any other experience. I have made numerous life-long friends that are there for me whenever I need them. And finally, there is great purpose in being a part of an organization that has a goal of bringing together the future leaders in the civilian and military worlds. This will ultimately increase understanding in our generation and provide for a stronger United States in the future.

Muraski 4x5 AFB_8956.jpg
Name: Johnathon Muraski
SCUSA Position: Chief of Staff
Class: 2018
Major: Interdisciplinary Science with an Astronautics Track
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite thing about SCUSA is the awesome opportunity to engage with fellow students from all across the world. Everyone's  diverse views have allowed me to challenge my own opinions and has matured my view on policy and policy implementation.
Michell AFB_8946.jpg
Name: André Michell
SCUSA Position: Command Sergeant Major
Class: 2018
Major: Computer Science
What I Like About SCUSA: I enjoy the opportunity to engage with and learn from our civilian and ROTC counterparts while showcasing what West Point has to offer.
Primary Staff
Seyer AFB_8926.jpg
Name: Kathryn Seyer
SCUSA Position: Personnel and Registration Officer    
Class: 2020
Major: Systems Engineering with an Aeronautical Engineering Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: I like Scusa because it provides civilian and military leaders the opportunity to discuss real world policy.
Albers 4x5 AFB_8963.jpg
Name: Donald Albers
SCUSA Position: Battle Captain
Class: 2019
Major: Systems Engineering
What I Like About SCUSA: I like the environment of gathering some of the brightest minds from all across the globe to discuss issues that our generation will face in the near future.
Hale whites AFB_8244.jpg
Name: Ben Hale
SCUSA Position: Operations Officer
Class: 2018
Major: Law and Legal Studies
What I like about SCUSA:   The opportunity to work with the SCUSA staff in the planning, preparation, and execution of the conference is my favorite part.  Seeing all the hard work everyone put into the conference result in a fun, professional, and rewarding experience for the delegates is a great feeling and it's why I came back to work conference operations again this year.
Swartz AFB_8932.jpg
Name: Matthew Swartz
SCUSA Position: Supply Officer
Class: 2018
Major: English
What I Like About SCUSA:  I like working personally with the staff and visitors to have an extremely fun and productive time!

Cabanas AFB_8928.jpg
Name: Courtney Hill
SCUSA Position: Public Affairs Officer
Class: 2019
Major: Geospatial Information Science
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite part of SCUSA is that we are able to bring students from all over the country and the world together to discuss the issues of our day. This also opens up a unique avenue for civil-military engagement to foster trust and understanding across the growing divide we face. I particularly enjoy working on staff because of the high level of responsibility and satisfaction that comes with running this conference.

Schlessinger AFB_8954.jpg 

Name: Joe Schlessinger
SCUSA Position: Information Systems Officer
Class: 2019
Major: Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences
What I Like About SCUSA: I enjoy the intimate and informed discussion on U.S. policy as well as the diverse, interesting crowd SCUSA brings together.
Kane whites AFB_8695.jpg
Name: Monty Kane
SCUSA Position: CPOC Commander
Class: 2018
Major: Philosophy
What I Like About SCUSA: I enjoy the opportunity for positive discourse and strengthening civ-mil relations. Additionally, SCUSA is a tremendous opportunity to work with civilians interested in international relations and global markets.

James AFB_8930.jpg 

Name: Bruce James
SCUSA Position: Task Force Commander
Class: 2018
Major: Spanish
What I Like About SCUSA: The people we meet.
 Cabanas AFB_8928.jpg
Name:  Jennifer Cabanas
SCUSA Position: Transportation Commander
Class: 2018     
Major: Interdisciplinary Science
What I Like About SCUSA: I like building a conference from top to bottom and working with some of the best cadets on staff. 
Whitfield 4x5 AFB_8973.jpg

Name: ​Daniel Whitfield
SCUSA Position: Legacy Director
Class: 2019
Major: Life Science
What I Like About SCUSA: I am honored to be a part of the lasting impact of SCUSA. Since 1949, this conference has united rising and established national leaders in important discourse. From Senator Tim Kaine to President George HW Bush, I'm proud to be a part of an organization with so much history.​