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Cadet Staff SCUSA 70
Command Team
Chambers whites AFB_8748.jpg
Name: Johnathan Muraski
SCUSA Position: Commander
Class: 2019     
Major: Interdisciplinary Science with an Astronautics Track
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite thing about SCUSA is the oppurtunity to engage with fellow students from all across the world. Listening to many delegates' diverse views have allowed me to broaden my own opinions and has matured my view on policy and policy implementation. Being a part of this organization is truly humbling knowing that the goal of briging together future military and civilian leaders has the potential to provide a lasting impact for our generations future.

Muraski 4x5 AFB_8956.jpg
Name: Kathryn Seyer
SCUSA Position: Chief of Staff
Class: 2020
Major: Systems Engineering with an Aeronautical Engineering Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: My favorite thing about SCUSA is the opportunity we have to bring together so many differing opinions and outlooks on the world. This conference provides civilian and military delegates alike to discuss the future of US foreign and domestic policy, and being a part of this is a true honor.
Michell AFB_8946.jpg
Name: John Gephart
SCUSA Position: Command Sergeant Major
Class: 2019
Major: Mechanical Engineering with an Aeronautical Engineering Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA offers an amazing opportunity for military and civilian personnel to discuss important issues for our country which I think is incredibly essential for the future of the civilian-military relationship
Primary Staff
Seyer AFB_8926.jpg
Name: Joshua Couch
SCUSA Position: S1 (Registration and Personnel Officer)
Class: 2020
Major: International Relations w/ Arabic Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA is so much more than just an annual conference where students come to discuss international affairs. The ability to interact with such a diverse group of smart individuals is so rewarding, especially when we begin to foster lasting relationships between the civilian and military communities. 
Albers 4x5 AFB_8963.jpg
Name: Wes Graves
SCUSA Position: S2 (Security Officer)
Class: 2021
Major: English
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA is a great way to get to know people from different backgrounds, different schools, and different cultures. 
Hale whites AFB_8244.jpg
Name: Dan Whitfield
SCUSA Position: S3 (Operations Officer)
Class: 2019
Major: Life Science
What I like about SCUSA:   SCUSA is about relationships: building them, using them to make policy contributions, and carrying them into the future as leaders in our respective fields.
Swartz AFB_8932.jpg
Name: Kevin Colton
SCUSA Position: S4 (Supply Officer)
Class: 2019
Major: Economics, Cyber Security Minor
What I Like About SCUSA:  SCUSA provides a unique opportunity for students to put education into practice. It helps bridge the cil-mil divide and creates a fun environment to further understand policy. I attended the National Defense Academy of Japan's version of SCUSA and am excited to share what I learned.

Cabanas AFB_8928.jpg
Name: Mary Kate Beachler
SCUSA Position: S5 (Public Relations Officer)
Class: 2020
Major: Engineering Psychology
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA has been a great way for me to interact with new people and build lasting relationships as well as hear new ideas and see the outcomes of every roundtable discussion.

Schlessinger AFB_8954.jpg 

Name: Kevin Wolgast
SCUSA Position: S6 (Information Systems Officer)
Class: 2020
Major: Computer Science
What I Like About SCUSA: I enjoy meeting the people who come to SCUSA from all over the country. They make the conference great.
Kane whites AFB_8695.jpg
Name: Michael Worth
SCUSA Position: CPOC Commander
Class: 2020
Major: Electrical Engineering, Grand Strategy Minor
What I Like About SCUSA: SCUSA is awesome because creates an environment for people from very diverse and different backgrounds to discuss important and controversial topics. SCUSA is all great people and great times

James AFB_8930.jpg 

Name: Jared Rivera
SCUSA Position: Task Force Commander
Class: 2019
Major: Russian, Persian
What I Like About SCUSA: It's pretty cool that a bunch of young people who will probably be doing big things one day are all gathered in one place talking about some real-world issues. And I really like setting up tables, it's a passion of mine.
 Cabanas AFB_8928.jpg
Name:  Kaylie Breslin
SCUSA Position: Transportation Commander
Class: 2020      
Major: Economics 
What I Like About SCUSA: For me, SCUSA is all about the people I meet. I love interacting with students from all around the country and hearing their perspective on international affairs. It's so refreshing to hear divers perspectives on all the different tables each year.
Whitfield 4x5 AFB_8973.jpg

Name:Tyler Aucoin
SCUSA PositionBattle Captain
Class: 2021
MajorComputer Science
What I Like About SCUSAMy favorite part of SCUSA is the fantastic people that are involved with the conference, and the forum of discussion created where motivated groups can debate truly world changing solutions for various issues. SCUSA is fantastic in that it brings together future leaders in their respective fields, and enables relationship building among truly dedicated individuals.
Whitfield 4x5 AFB_8973.jpg Name: Woo Chul Kim
SCUSA Position: Legacy Director
Class: 2019
MajorEconomics and Operations Research
What I Like About SCUSASCUSA invites the brightest college students in America and has them discussing global issues that matter. Having this sort of educated forum to trade ideas and foster discussion is what makes SCUSA awesome for me.