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Round Tables
1.   North America
Table Chairs: Professor Patrick Campbell and Dr. Jeffrey Sedgwick
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2.   China
Table Chairs: Professor Frank Plantan and Mr. Lonnie Henley
Table Paper: China SCUSA 2017.pdfChina SCUSA 2017.pdf 
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3.   Indo-Pacific and the South China Sea
Table Chairs: Professor Bidisha Biswas and Professor John Dorschner
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4.   The Middle East and North Africa
Table Chairs: Ambassador Edmund Hull and Dr. Douglas Ollivant
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5.   Russia
Table Chair: Mr. Kenneth Hillas and Professor Yuri Zhukov
Table Paper: Russia SCUSA 2017.pdfRussia SCUSA 2017.pdf 
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6.   Latin America
Table Chairs: Professor Douglas Southgate and MAJ Christine Keating
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7.   Sub-Saharan Africa
Table Chairs: Dr. Moses Khisa and Professor Jennifer Hazen
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8.   NATO and the Future of U.S. Alliances
Table Chairs: Professor Sarwar A. Kashmeri and Professor Schuyler Foerster
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9.   Brexit and the Future of the EU
Table Chairs: Dr. Margaret Crosby-Arnold and Professor Ray Ramond
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10.   Global Markets: Investment and Trade
Table Chairs: Dr. Daniel Ahn and Professor Peter Marber
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11.   Climate Change: Ice and Deserts
Table Chairs: Professor Christopher John Paul and Dr. Ed Canuel
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12.   Terrorism 
Table Chairs: Professor Arie Perliger and Mr. Mark Mitchell
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13.  Foreign Aid and Development
Table Chairs: Professor Sarah Bermeo and Ms. Maya Winkelstein
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14.   Displacement: Migration and Refugees
Table Chairs: Ambassador William Garvelink and Ms. Katharina Obser
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15.   Cyber and the Weapons of the Weak
Table Chair: Professor Jennifer McArdle
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