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Systems Engineering Coursework
Download the Class of 2014 SE Brochure
Download the Class of 2015 SE Brochure
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Yearling Year

Cow Year

Firstie Year

SE301 Intro to Systems Engineering
SE387 Deterministic Models
SE388 Stochastic Models
SE402 Capstone Design I
SE403 Capstone Design II

SE375 Statistics for Engineers
SE385 Decision Analysis
EM411 Project Management
EM420 Production Operations Management

SE370 Computer Aided Systems Engineering
MC300 Fundamentals of Engineering Design
MC311 Thermal Fluids I
EE301 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

Sub-Discipline Elective 1 Sub-Discipline Elective 2 Simulation Elective Sub-Discipline Elective 3

SE400 Professional Engineering Seminar*

*SE400 Professional Engineering Seminar (1.5 credits) is taken second semester of the Firstie Year to prepare for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
Simulation Electives
EM481 Systems Simulation
SM484 System Dynamics Simulation
SE485 Combat Modeling
Sub-Disciplines and example classes (see brochures for latest information)
Human Factors
Simulation Systems
Mathematical Systems
Information Systems
PL392 Cognitive Psychology
EM481 Systems Simulation
EM381 Engineering Economy
CS301 Fundamentals of Computer Science
PL394 Anthropometrics & Biomechanics
SM484 System Dynamics Modeling
MA366 Vector Calculus and Intro to PDES
IT305 Theory and Practice of Military IT Systems
PL475 Human Factors Engineering
SE485 Combat Modeling
MA371 Linear Algebra
CS350 Database Design & Implementation
EV398 Geographic Information Systems
MA381 Nonlinear Optimization
EE360 Digital Computer Logic
MA476 Mathematical Statistics
MA386 Introduction to Numerical Analysis
EV398 Geographic Information Systems
MS385 Sustaining the Force
MA391 Mathematical Modeling
IS450 Principles of Distributed Application Engineering

MA476 Mathematical Statistics
IT382 Networked Systems Management

MA488 Special Topics in Mathematics
IT383 User Interface Development

MA490 Applied Probability from Math, Science, & Engineering
SM482 Supply Chain Mgt.

..Or, develop your own student-designed sub-discipline! Approved student-designed sub-disciplines must have an engineering focus and be approved by your faculty advisor.