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Staff Judge Advocate : Administrative and Civil Law

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The Civil and Administrative Law Section advises the United States Military Academy's (USMA) command, staff, and faculty across a broad range of mission-related legal issues. In addition to advising on issues related to operating a prominent military installation, USMA's Civil and Administrative Law Section is unique among Army OSJAs becuase our practice also includes advising an elite institution of higher education and a major NCAA Division I athletics program.
Our practice commonly includes:
    • Federal labor and employment law.
    • Government contracting.
    • Intellectual property law in the academic and college athletics environments.
    • Fiscal law (i.e. interpreting the laws controlling expenditures of federal funds).
    • Investigations.
    • Ethics.
    • General administrative law.

Please contact us to request a legal review. Please submit requests well in advance of planned events, as our office fields a high volume of actions and our normal processing time is 10 duty days.


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