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The Small Unit Tactics Team can trace its lineage back to the Cavalry Scouts Club and the Infantry Tactics Club. In 2010, under DCA direction, the Cavalry Scouts Club and the Infantry Tactics Club combined to form the Maneuver Tactics Club under the supervision of then-OIC MAJ Banks and CIC CDT Suarez. This combination expanded the size of the club significantly and brought together two different training mentalities. These changes helped the club evolve, leading to increasingly complex and valuable training opportunities. In 2012, the Maneuver Tactics Club changed its name to the Small Unit Tactics Team to more accurately reflect the mission and focus of the club. This transition was overseen by the new OIC, MAJ Cheatham, and then- CIC, CDT Berman.

The Small Unit Tactics Team currently trains once a week on Tuesday nights and conducts field training exercises and a live range at least once a semester. The Small Unit Tactics Team also serves in a support role to supplement the cadet summer training during the academic year, as well as conducting demonstrations and community outreach for the Scout Master Council, the Paintball Team, Plebe Parent Weekend, sporting events, and various other West Point functions.