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Sosh At A Glance

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Department of Social Sciences seeks to educate and inspire leaders who are able to employ social sciences expertise to build the Army and the Nation’s future. The department hosts programs in economics and political science that contribute to the overall mission of the academic program to educate cadets to be Army officers of character who anticipate and respond effectively to the uncertainties of a changing technological, social, political, and economic world. The Department supports the broad Academy goals of preparing cadets for long-term personal and professional development by working with them closely in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, in counseling, and in a wide range of other activities.

While the Department teaches courses that are very similar to courses in the same disciplines taught in civilian undergraduate colleges, the context is always the broader professional development of the cadets. The teaching techniques and the climate of association with cadets, inside and outside the classroom, emphasize the professional relevance or our courses for cadets as they develop into their roles as officers.