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Department of Social Sciences : Prospective Faculty

Faculty Application Information Page

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Department of Social Sciences faculty! This web page provides guidance about our application process for rotating military faculty positions. Those considering applying to "Be a Sosh P" and those who want to bring promising candidates to our attention should bookmark this page and read on...

  CADETS: If you are currently a cadet at USMA and you are interested in teaching in the Dept of Social Sciences, please contact MAJ Aaron Stark, one of our personnel officers. Also, feel free to check out the responses to our Frequently Asked Questions.

  SOSH FACULTY: If you teach or mentor a cadet you think would be a great addition to the SOSH Department one day, please contact MAJ Aaron Stark and he will help you with the Letter of Recommendation process.

  FACULTY ALUMNI: If you are an alumnus or friend of the department with awesome junior officers in your unit, help them become "Sosh P's" by talking to them about the opportunities in the department. Please pass your leads on to MAJ Aaron Stark-- many of our current faculty are here now thanks to your efforts!

  APPLICANTS: If you currently have a formal application file open with us, keep in close touch with MAJ Aaron Stark so that we have your latest timeline and contact information. so that we have your latest timeline and contact information.
We normally select officers for our program so that they begin graduate school between their sixth and eighth year of service. For example, in December 2017, we will complete the selection of officers who will begin graduate school in summer/fall of 2019 and report to West Point in 2021. The majority of the officers considered by our board in December 2017 will be in Year Groups 2011, 2012, and 2013.
The major consideration in this timetable is branch qualification; we normally only select officers who will be branch qualified in time to attend grad school with the pool of candidates that are under consideration. For instance, to be competitive for the December 2017 board, you must be branch qualified by August 2019. Our goal is to permit officers to attend graduate school for two years, teach at West Point for three years, and then return to their basic branch as a Major. This enables them to remain competitive for battalion command.
We are now building and screening candidate files for YG 11, 12, and 13 officers to select future instructors available for civil schooling in 2019 and assignment to West Point in 2021. Based on your availability, we will include you in this pool or pools for subsequent years.

We have transitioned all of our application files to a web based system. Consequently, please do not send us anything via hard copy, as we ask you to resubmit it electronically. Please contact the department's personnel officers,
MAJ Aaron Stark or CPT(P) Johnathon Parker, if you have questions.
Items that you will for a complete file are as follows:

  Evidence of a strong military record. The Department places a strong emphasis on choosing officers who are doing extremely well in the performance of their military duties. Upload copies of all your OER's and AER's.

  Transcripts. Upload copies of your undergraduate and (if applicable) graduate transcripts to your online file. Unofficial copies are acceptable. If you are a USMA graduate, please click on the following hyperlink to request your transcript -

  Copy of your GRE and/or GMAT scores. Please send us a copy of the ETS notification as soon as you get it. Please understand that we must have these scores before we will consider you for selection (unless you are deployed on an overseas contingency mission). To be competitive for entry into a Top 10 graduate school, you should aspire to achieve scores of over 160 on the verbal and 150 on the quantitative portions of the GRE, and scores of over 600 on both the verbal and quantitative portions of the GMAT. If you have scores below these levels, we suggest that you retake the test. Also, if your scores are more than five years old, you must retake the test. Contact your Education Center for more information on test administration. Again, we cannot give full consideration to an application without either GRE or GMAT scores.

  Letters of recommendation. Two or three letters should comment on your potential to do outstanding work at a top American university and be a terrific classroom teacher. Letters from senior officers for whom you have worked are also particularly useful, as are letters from former and current instructors in the Department of Social Sciences. If you will not have a Command OER in time for the board, we HIGHLY recommend that you get a letter from your senior rater, assessing your performance in your branch qualifying job.

  Copy of your most recent Officer Records Brief (ORB). Best accessed and downloaded from AKO.

  An informal photograph. We like to match faces to names.

  Your best estimate of an availability date to begin graduate school. This is dictated by the branch qualification requirements and the timing of future PCS and school assignments. If you have not already done so, please alert your branch manager that you are interested in competing for an assignment at West Point.
Please complete your application file as soon as possible and update it as necessary. If you wish to be considered to begin graduate school in 2019, your application file should be complete by 1 November 2017. This will allow us time to review your files for completeness prior to our selection board in December 2017. Final selection of new instructors is done by the Department Head, after the selection board composed of Academy Professors / Stem Heads makes its recommendation.

Instructor duty in the Department of Social Sciences is an important and useful milestone in your Army career.  The SOSH opportunity affords an officer an incredible broadening experience.  Your graduate education experience will allow you to dive deep into realms of academia that intrigue you. Additionally, it will help you foster valuable civil-military relationships with experienced, top-notch college faculty and some of the brightest of your civilian peers.  Once at West Point, you will find yourself working with an incredible cohort of fellow military officers in order to dynamically engage the Corps of Cadets in the classroom.  You will have the academic freedom to pursue scholarly research, mentor cadets through supporting various clubs and teams, and lead cadets through exciting opportunities like AIADs and trip sections.  SOSH alumni have had extremely successful careers in the Army, to include 9 full generals, 13 lieutenant generals, 22 major generals, and 18 brigadier generals. Many have served in various positions in the White House, the National Security Council, Departments of State, Defense, NATO, and scores have been selected for prestigious fellowships.  The Department’s rotating faculty is a dynamic and diverse group dedicated to scholarly excellence, total cadet development, and pursuing opportunities for future, personal contributions to the Army. Serving in SOSH is an investment in yourself and the Army!
Please see the SOSH website (Sosh Homepage) for details.
The point of contact for all applicants is MAJ Aaron Stark  CPT(P) Johnathon Parker can also assist you, although he is primarily focused on helping officers who are already in graduate programs. Our job is to help you complete your file, answer your questions, and ensure that you receive full and fair consideration. Do not hesitate to write or call! You should address all correspondence to:
Department of Social Sciences
United States Military Academy
ATTN: Personnel Officer
West Point, NY 10996-1718
You can also reach us by phone or email:

MAJ Aaron Stark (New Files)
CPT(P) John Parker (Schools)


The Sosh fax number is (845) 938-4563.
We appreciate your interest in teaching in the Department. Stay in touch!