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Combating Terrorism Center Conflict and Human Security Studies Office of Economic Manpower Analysis

The central mission of the Department of Social Sciences is to educate and inspire cadets so that they fulfill their duties as future Army officers in exemplary fashion. The department seeks to accomplish this mission by maintaining a superior faculty who act as role models, stimulate critical thinking, and motivate cadets to continue to study in the social sciences.

Faculty research strengthens and enhances the ability of our faculty to support the primary mission of the department. Scholarly research and policy analysis enables our faculty to follow and influence important trends in our disciplines; contribute to important debates over public policy; develop our bonds with other educational and government institutions; provide opportunities for cadet research; and stimulate the intellectual excitement within our community that is the foundation of a successful academic environment.

The Social Sciences Department is home to three centers of research: The Combatting Terrorism Center (CTC), Conflict and Human Security Studies (CHSS) and the Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis. Each has its own unique mission that supports broader academic research and Army requirements. They also provide opportunities for faculty members to apply their academic knowledge towards current problem sets.

SOSH Research and Publication Opportunities: