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Triathlon : FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I train on Camp Buckner before the race?

A: Unfortunatly not. There are high intensity training exercises going on throughout the summer, where the cadets are conducting their military sylibus. The race venue will be available the day before the race after the Toughkids race.

Q: I am a parent, can I escort my child into transition? (Toughkids)

A: Yes! - For the Toughkids race, a child may have one parent or guardian escort them into transition. to help them set up and organize them as they see fit. Further entry into transition by parents will be controlled by the Transition Officer. During the race, some children will need a little extra help. This will be permitted so long as the parent does not hinder the progress of other athletes.

Q: Can I register my child on race day? (Toughkids)

A: No, all entries will need to be made online.

Q: Do I have to wear a bike helmet?

A: Yes - It is mandatory to wear a bicycle helmet for the bike portion of the race. Specifically, before you tough your bike you have to have your helmet on and straps done up. You can then take your bike off the rack and commence the bike portion. On return into transition for T2, you must keep your helmet on and straps done up until the bike is secure on the rack.

Q: Can I swim in the lake before the race?

A: Yes - You may swim in the lake before the race but only during the designated swim warm-up times. This will be the only time that swim safety and life guards will be present. Do not swim in the lake outside of this time period!

Q: Will there be any West Point Triathlon apparel to purchase at the race?

A: Yes - There will be a selection of race and training apparel and various other goodies!

Q: How many prizes are up for grabs?

A: Awards are still being determined, stay tuned for more information!

Q: Can I wear my wetsuit to swim?

A: It is very rare that the swim will not be wetsuit legal. A temperature reading will be taken a week out from the race and published on the website. Then the final decision will be made on race morning. The rule is governed by USAT regulations and the onsite USAT Race technical official will make the decision. The likelihood of it being wetsuit legal is very high! The water temperature must 78 degrees F or below.

Q: Does it matter what bike I use?

A: Any bike can be used except tandem, or recumbent, so mountain, road, tri bikes are welcome. If you own a softride or similar, that too is allowed! The only exception is a bike with added fareing or added components which fall outside USAT regulations. Full carbon deep dish front wheels and disc rear wheels work very well on this course.

Q: How does the team relay work?

A: A team can be broken down into phases, with each athlete taking a stage. That athlete must complete the whole portion of that stage. Relay change over must happen in transition in the handover pen provided. Each member must complete their portion of the race in the manner that the leg is prescribed as. However, if one of your athletes gets injured a current member of the team can compete in their place but again, must compete based on that prescribed portion (swimmer=swims, biker=bikes, runner=runs) . If you have a 2 man team, one of the athletes can do 2 portions of the race.
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