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Women’s Boxing : Articles

Coach Boyd Melson in the News on ESPN: Fighting for country -- and a cure
November 29, 2012: "Boxer brings home championship belt from LA trip"
Women's Boxing @ LA Fight Night
Women's Boxing @ LA Fight Night
Article on Page 5 of Pointer View on Women's Boxing Successful Time in California at LA Fight Night.
October 4, 2012: "Women’s Boxing team learns. from pros in preparation for first competition"
Look at Page 4 of the Pointer View to see how the Women's Boxing Team is training & supporting one of their Coaches, Coach Boyd Melson.
September 6, 2012: "Cadet Women Boxers Return to Training"
Check out Page 7 of the Pointer View on the start of Try-Outs & Training for the Women's Boxing Team!
August 30, 2012: "Club Night showcases cadet activities at Crest Hall"
Check out page 4 of the Pointer View Article by Mike Strasser on Women's Boxing recuiting at Ike Hall during Club Night!
October 15, 2011 Training at Gleason's Gym
April 30, 2011 "Gleason's Gym Amateur Fights"
*red corner, blue corner respectively*
142 lb Bout: Katherine Houle (West Point) vs. Michell Herzl (Main Street Boxing Club)
Winner by Split Decision Katherine Houle
105lb Bout: Sylvie Douglas (Mendez Boxing Club) vs. Giovanna Camacho (West Point)
Winner by Decision Giovanna Camacho
150 lb Bout: Brandi-el Cook (West Point) vs. Kay Stephenson (Gleason Gym)
Winner by Split Decision Brandi-el Cook
April 14, 2011: "These cadets pack some punch", an Army Times Article on Women's Boxing debut at West Point!
April 13, 2011: "History First: West Point includes Women's Boxing "
Women's Boxing 2011
Women's Boxing 2011
WBAN article & video on West Point Women's Boxing debut at Maryland.
April 8, 2011 "Exhibition Bouts"
125lb Bout: Eydes Lima (UMASS) vs. Lauren Pinkerton (Miami U)
Winner by Split Decision Eydes Lima
147lb Bout:Kelsey Smith (USMA) vs. Katherine Houle (USMA)
Winner by Unanimous Decision Kelsey Smith
125lb Bout:Ariel Espinoza-Levy (USMA) vs. Casey Barnett (Penn State)
Winner by Split Decision Casy Barnett
119lb Bout: Giovana Camacho (USMA) vs. Rebekah Estime (USMA)
Winner by Unanimous Decision Giovanna Camacho
147lb Bout: Brandi-el Cook (USMA) vs. Anna Juska (Penn State)
Winner by Unanimous Decision Brandi-el Cook
April 7, 2011 "West Point Women's Boxing Makes History"
Women's Boxing 2011
Women's Boxing 2011
*Check out our article in the Army Times.
April 6, 2011 "Women's Boxing Team Makes Debut During Nationals"
Exhibition Bouts Debut 
Mike Strasser's article highlights the progress of the West Point Women's Boxing team and their debut on April 8th. The team will host five exhibition bouts against other East Coast collegiate boxers.
*Be sure to visit our article on page 13 of the Pointer View and click here to see the video post on the USMA news.
March 7, 2011 "Rumble At Richie"
120lb Bout: Ariel Espinoza-Levy (USMA) vs. Christina Mowatt-Larsen (VMI)
139lb Bout: Kelsey Smith (USMA) vs. Anna Juska (PSU)
165lb Bout: Sarah Pendergraft (USMA) vs. Racheal Gilman (UMASS)
115lb Bout: Lacy Thomas (Maryland) vs. Giovanna Camacho (USMA)
A brand new team at West Point, the Women's Boxing Team made their debutappearance at the University of Maryland Boxing Club’s fifth annual Maryland Boxing Invitational also known as the “Rumble in Ritchie” on Saturday, March 7th at Ritchie Coliseum. Invited schools were: United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, Virginia Military Institute, Georgetown, Mansfield, East Carolina University, USMASS, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lock Haven, Penn State, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The ladies won 3 out of 4 bouts in which they entered.
CDT Ariel Espinoza-Levy ’12 E-2 fought to the bitter end each round; she definitely redid her opponent’s nose, but unfortunately did not win. Ariel fought at weight class 120 lbs Christina Mowatt-Larsen from VMI.
CDT Kelsey Smith ’14 H4 fought the whole way through her fight and didn’t even seem winded when she came out of the ring with a win at 139 pounds against Ann Juska from Penn State University.
CDT Sarah Pendergraft ’13 C-1 finished off her opponent in Round 2 with a technical knockout at 1:40. She was quicker than her opponent and ended up getting her opponent in the corner of the ring with uppercuts like no other. She fought at 165 lbs against Rachael Gilman from UMASS.
CDT Giovanna Camacho ’13 G-4 was the last of the girls fights for the night. Her opponent went toe to toe each round, but after her opponent got two standing eight counts Gio was able to gain control of the match and win it in the end, fighting at the 115lb weight class against Lacy Thomas from Maryland.
March 4, 2010 "Women's Boxing Returns to Brigade Open"Backstory and Origins
Mike Strasser's article on two plebes, Sarah Pendergraft and Brandi-el Cook, who faced off in the 2010 Boxing Brigade Open. Strasser brings to light how Cook won the seventh women's title for the event and draws attention to a brief backstory about a group of female cadets' journey to establish a women's boxing program.
March 4, 2010 83rd Annual Golden Gloves
New York Daily News does on article on Nargis Kabiri's first Golden Glove bout at Glen Cove High School. Kabiri wins against Jacqueline Martinez by TKO in the 152lbs weight class divison. Her incredible display of skill and good sportsmanship earn her the honors of P.C. Richards Boxer of the Night.