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Women’s Boxing : History in the Making

History in the Making
While West Point celebrated Women’s History Month throughout March, a group of female cadets were making history of their own.

On March 7, the West Point Women’s Boxing Team made their debut at the Maryland Boxing Invitational, winning three of four bouts and created a distinct presence in the arena of collegiate boxing, according to Coach Bobbi Scroggin.

“We went there, represented, and it was pretty flawless,” Scroggin said. “I think we really showed off our talents, so I was very proud. I’ve received a lot of feedback from other college coaches.”

Class of 2012 Cadet Giovanna Camacho still finds it hard to believe it was just a year ago when she and a group of cadets, led by Class of 2010 graduate Nargis Kabiri, laid the groundwork to prove women’s boxing could be viable at West Point. As team captain, Camacho feels privileged to continue on that path.

“Now when I look back it seems to have happened so fast, but during that process it seemed so slow,” Camacho said. “I was so anxious for this to happen. Everything that’s happened hasn’t just come from my work; it’s the entire team working together. I’m really privileged to have dedicated teammates.”

Last year, the fledgling team drew a huge response by earning a bout at the 2010 Brigade Boxing Open. It featured a bloody battle between two plebes, Cadets Sarah Pendergraft and Brandi-el Cook. Today, the two Class of 2013 cadets, along with Camacho and Cow Ariel Espinoza-Levy, are the team’s veterans. Pendergraft may have left the BBO with nose battered and bloodied, but she emerged a year later victorious in her next bout with a second round technical knockout.

“We’re a really young team starting out, but I think it makes it better because by the time we’re firsties we’ll be able to show the new plebes how to do things,” Camacho said.

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