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Prospective Faculty


Thank you for your interest in joining the Department of History’s faculty!

Instructor duty is a hugely enjoyable, rewarding, and developmental experience that prepares officers intellectually for the challenges that lie ahead in the Army. Following their time at West Point, our faculty alumni routinely go on to positions of high rank and responsibility in service to the nation. This page provides guidance about the process of applying to become a member of our rotating military faculty.


If you are currently a cadet at USMA, please ask one of your instructors, or the Department’s Personnel Officer, LTC Paul Belmont, for a faculty interest form to register your interest with us. If you are currently a cadet enrolled in ROTC, please contact LTC Paul Belmont to get a faculty interest form.

Faculty Alumni

If you are an alumnus or friend of the Department and know an outstanding junior officer or cadet in your unit, history department, or ROTC program, help them become a history instructor by talking to them about your experience in the Department, and the opportunities gained by being a member of the Department. Please pass your leads on to the Department’s Personnel Officer, LTC Paul Belmont.

Applicants in need of an MA 

If you are a military officer seeking a rotating faculty position within the Department of History, use the link for TEACH ( to initiate your application and begin the process of joining our team.

We normally select officers for our program to begin graduate school between the sixth and eighth year of service. For example, in December of 2017, we completed selection of officers who will begin graduate school in the summer and fall of 2019 and report to West Point in the summer of 2021. Officer attendance to graduate school is paid for by the Army through the Advanced Civil Schooling program (ACS). We are currently building and screening files of officers in YGs 2015-2017 for our December 2021 selection board which will send officers to graduate school in 2023 and assignment to West Point in 2025.

The major consideration in the timeline is the requirement to meet the Key Development (KD) requirements for your branch (CCC and KD assignment) prior to beginning graduate school. For instance, to be considered in the December 2021 selection board, you must be KD by the summer of 2023. We desire officers who can attend graduate school for two years, teach at West Point for three years, and then return to their basic branch or functional area as a Major. This enables the officers to remain competitive for battalion command. LTC Belmont will provide you with an execution checklist to help you prepare a file for this December's board.

Alumni Interviews: Please read interviews from some of our former faculty who have gone on to command at the battalion and brigade levels following an assignment at West Point. 

Applicants who already possess an MA: If you already have an MA or PhD in History, you may be considered for one of the Department’s Direct Hire positions. From time to time, the Department runs into unforeseen shortages in our military faculty. When this happens, we hold formal boards to select officers who already meet the educational requirements needed to teach History. These boards are often held on short notice. If you have interest in opening a direct hire packet, you should contact LTC Belmont (, and he will provide you with an execution checklist and guidance on upcoming direct hire searches. 

You can send correspondence to:
United States Military Academy
Official Mail Distribution Center
646 Swift Road
West Point, NY 10996
ATTN: MADN-HIST (Personnel Officer)

You can also reach LTC Paul Belmont by phone at (845) 938-0676.

We appreciate your interest in teaching in the Department. Stay in touch!