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West Point Negotiation Project : Fellowship Program

Cadet Fellowship Program
The West Point Negotiation Project (WPNP) offers a Cadet Fellows program for First and Second class cadets interested in negotiation.

To be eligible for a fellowship, candidates must have successfully completed MG390, Negotiation for Leaders, or SS476, Conflict and Negotiation. Fellows will be asked to complete a project focusing on an area of interest relevant to tactical negotiators (see current and upcoming research topics below or create something else). Current possible research projects include: Using Simulations to Enhance Negotiation Training, Influencing Corrupt Networks, Effects of Negotiation Training on a Deploying Unit, Multi-Party Negotiations, Developing Negotiation as an Organizational Asset, and the Role of Gender in Military Tactical Negotiations. More developmental projects include creating an Army small combat unit leader's negotiation toolbox, assisting with the Army small unit leader's negotiation handbook, a guide to negotiation training for Army small combat unit leaders, and Army negotiation case development.

Fellows will also have unique opportunities to interact with experts in the field of negotiation (military, academic, and business), influence WPNP events, and attend unique trips and AIADs designed to build their background in negotiation. Fellows work under the direction and supervision of the WPNP Co-Directors.