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The West Point Writing Program
Communicating in the Army

The U.S. Army has always stressed effective communication. But new efforts testify even more emphatically to the importance of sound writing and speaking at every level of its operations.

The "Mission Command Writing Campaign" is a top line of effort, for instance, in the Army's current Leader Development Strategy. Recently, in the pages of the Army's own Military Review, Desirae Gieseman argued that scholarship in higher education and writing studies holds the promise to redefine Army writing standards and practices to achieve more "functional" communication. Just this October, 2016, as relayed in Army Timesa mandatory writing test is being established for all NCOs

The West Point Writing Program contributes to this mission from the ground floor on up, preparing Cadet writers for future officership as well as supporting the continuing development of other Army professionals (including rotating military faculty and staff, even senior leaders) as teachers, mentors, and scholars.

As the Program gets up and running, this page will collect links and resources especially relevant to communicating in the Army of today, and tomorrow, including materials generated by Army University and its affiliated schools. The Warrant Officer Career College, to cite but one instance, provides concise guidance on Army writing styles.