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The West Point Writing Program
Faculty Support

Extensive support will be available to USMA faculty through the Writing Program's Director and Associate Director once the Program is fully staffed. Pending full staffing and resourcing, the Writing Program will institute summer orientation workshops for every academic department. These workshops, for all incoming faculty, will consist of two sessions (60-75 minutes each) tailored to departmental needs. Main topics include: 

  • overviews of the West Point Writing Program, Mounger Writing Center, and Writing Fellows Program
  • how to address writing as a topic and practice in the classroom, in accordance with our Pedagogical Model
  • how to design, explain, and support particular writing assignments
  • how to respond to Cadet writers economically and effectively
  • how to develop writing-to-learn activities and manage peer workshopping or conferencing
  • how to evaluate Cadets in Signature Writing Events (including calibration exercises) 

The principles instilled in these workshops will be reinforced throughout the academic year, when the Writing Program conducts periodic additional workshops that any faculty member may voluntarily attend, as well as special workshops and lesson conferences at the invitation of Program or Course Directors. 

These workshops are further supplemented by a speaker series in which members from the USMA faculty, as well as leading faculty outside West Point, facilitate discussions on particularly pressing or promising aspects of writing and its teaching.