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Office of Chaplains : Cadet Ministries

Cadet Ministries
This is a list of religious activities available to cadets in addition to the Services.

Religious Activity

Assembly of God (Chi Alpha)

Baptist Student Union (BSU)

Cadet Catholic Choir

Catholic Folk Group

Cadet Chapel Ushers

Catholic Cadet Catechists

Church of Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Eastern Orthodox

Episcopal (Canterbury Club)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Genesis (Cadet Bible Study)


Jewish Chapel Cadet Choir

Knights of Columbus


Muslim Ministries


Officers' Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Protestant Cadet Chapel Choir

Protestant Sunday School Teachers (PSST)

United Catholic Fellowship


Rev Ren Wallen, 446-0441

Dwain Gregory, 719-963-4477

Meredith Baker, 938-3544

COL Andy Glen, 938-5988

CH Todd Cheney, 938-3412

LTC Dan McCarthy, 938-4893

COL Grant Crawford, 938-4247

SFC Sparrow, 446-2433

Fr J. Frawley, 201-342-7052

Rev Judy Ferguson, 446-2197

COL Greg Daniels, 938-3401

CH Pinkie Fischer, 938-7986

CH Henry Soussan, 938-2710

CH Henry Soussan, 938-2710

Bro. Carlos Hernandez, 216-2656

COL(R) Mike Colacicco, 938-5948

Dr. Rasheed Hosein, 938-5591

Mark Stoneburner, 938-5388

Tom Austin, 938-3412

Craig Williams, 938-7352

CH Pinkie Fischer, 938-7986

Dave Jones, 938-0877