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William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic

The Honor Program provides an ethical standard for all cadets
PME2 is designed to reinforce current academy programs
The William E. Simon Center for the Professional Military Ethic educates, trains and inspires leaders of character in the Corps of Cadets through the development, coordination and integration of the Professional Military Ethic in our curriculum and activities at West Point.
7 Core Functions of the Simon Center:
1. Proponent for the USMA Character Development Strategy and Character Program 
2. Design and administer the Cadet Character Development Program (CCDP)
3. Proponent for the Superintendent's capstone course, MX400 Officership
4. USCC Sexual Assault Response Coordination; Supervise the Administration of the Cadets Against Sexual Harassment and Assault (CASHA) Program
5. Supervise the administration of the Cadet Honor System
6. Supervise the administration of the Cadet Respect Program
7. USCC Equal Opportunity ​ 
Upcoming Events:
Gettysburg Staff Ride: 21-23 August 2015(Cadet Chain of Command)
Internal NCEA: 22-23 September 2015 (Cadet Chain of Command)
Leader Challenge: 12 November 2015 ​(50 Year Affiliates)
Gettysburg Staff Ride: 08-10 January 2016 (Class of 2017 Emerging Leaders)
Mission Command Conference: 24-25 February 2016 (Class of 2016)
Leader Challenge: 03 March 2016 (50 Year Affiliates)
External NCEA: 04-07 April 2016 (Select Cadet Leaders and Civilian University Faculty and Students)